Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Our facebook group

We have a  private facebook group   which is open to those who are interested in breastfeeding  and La Leche League.   It gives us a chance to chat a bit inbetween meetings and get to know each other.  We usually  remind you of when meetings are and let you know if there are any changes
While the leaders of the group do try and  answer any questions quickly,  we are not always on facebook!  If your question is urgent you can  ring the helpline  0345 120 2918.    We are all volunteers answering the phone in our own home so do be patient,  you will get through eventually.  You might prefer to ask a leader by  a message so  your question is dealt with in private. 
Only leaders represent La Leche League,  you  may read all sorts of different ideas; every family is different,  just  try the ideas that sound as they might work for you.
We do not accept adverts but if you come across something you think other members might be interested in do share.   And  it is ok to ask questions  such as 'does anyone know of a baby swimming class on a tuesday', 'do you know a good place to get nursing bras in Bedford.'
Let one of the leaders know you want to join the group or look out for Friends of LLL Bedford and Luton [new group] on facebook and ask


  1. How do I go about requesting access to this group? Thanks

    1. Hello H
      I have tried replying to the post as have been away but am not sure if you will have got it
      You can find the group on facebook [ it is called Friends of LLL Bedford and Luton [new group] and just ask or I think if you send me your email I can add you [ sorry this is all new stuff for me!] The group was voted to be made private so that members felt safe sharing things knowing that no random members of the public could see their baby pics or read their concerns

  2. It's the first time anyone has commented on a post too so am learning about that too